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Kernel Oil Widodo Ratanachaithong

Kernel Oil as the name suggests is incorporation with its headquarters in Singapore being established in the year 2006 is the development of Widodo Ratanchaithong a successful entrepreneur in the field of business. This personality has been dealing in the field of petroleum related products with an experience of many years and this experience and expertise on his part has made him take the lead among other traders of petroleum.

He has not only established the name of Kernel Oil in Singapore but he also has his subsidiaries in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. He  has been exporting his petroleum products in several other countries too and also plans to make the name widespread throughout the world very soon. The Kernel Oil not only deals in the crude oil, in fact a number of other products like the natural gas, paraffin wax, green coke and several other lubricants are also being offered by the business.

Kernel Oil – Success That Pays Off!

The major matter that needs consideration in the context of the petroleum industry is that of environmental practices that are as per the regulations and do not harm any individual or environment. However, as per the records of the at Kernel Oil Widodo Ratanachaithong makes sure that these practices are being maintained by the company and a clear and concise environmental system has been maintained and overseen by the owner and managing director Widodo Ratanchaithong. He has maintained the entire system in a way that never crosses the boundaries defined by the environmental legislation and has also trained the staff in a relevant way to adhere by the policies.

Kernel Oil is an establishment that has been known widely for friendly and ethical practices, Widodo Ratanchaithong has always maintained a relationship of friendliness among his employees and a clear channel of communication as well. At Kernel Oil Widodo Ratanachaithong gives a lot of importance to the employees and that is the major cause of the utmost success as well.

Kernel Oil has always taken into account the best practices of conducting the business and till date keeps on making sufficient efforts as well to keep in line with the globally acceptable practices and at the same time matches up with the expectations of the customers as well. The company exploits the technology as well as operational opportunities and with the help of latest innovations has been able to take the lead among other competitors. They know it very well that they have created their monopoly in the petroleum sector of Singapore and there is a less or almost none of the chance for any competitor to evolve at this level. However, they believe that their extra ordinary investment in every context of the business will pay them off and this is definitely the case as well in the sector. In case of the petroleum industry the heavy investments and the legal and governmental legislations create a huge barrier and the companies might deter to enter in the league due to the fear of  being thrown out, however, knowing the fact the Kernel Oil has always showed its best and offers to be a pioneer.


Kernel Oil

The major components of the oil industry are exploration, production and refining, and distribution. We interviewed Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong of Kernel Oil Pte Ltd,and examined these components of the oil industry in the market.

Widodo ratanachaitong-09

In the last ten years the world production of crude oil has been sharply increasing, especially in the Middle East. World oil production doubled several times, to a total of 2 billion tons.According to Porter’s five forces, the threat of new entrants in the industry is low because barriers to entry include high capital costs, economies of scale, distribution channels as well as complicated technologies and regulations.

On the other side, the business rivalry is very high because of the nature of the business. Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong of Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, “we establish competitive advantage through technological and operational efficiencies in the areas of network of suppliers and trading functions. In addition, our operational efficiencies are the main goals that make Kernel Oil Pte Ltd a profitable business.

We also support large number of jobs in the industry, contributing national capital and supplying a vast majority of the country’s energy needs”.