Kernel Oil deals with a wide range of products and crude oils

Kernel Oil deals with a wide range of products and crude oils which come from Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, Far East region, as well as West African grades. In its variety of products it offers natural gas liquids, gasoline, gas oil, base oil, asphalt, fuel and crude oil, condensate, naphtha, kerosene, lubricating oil, residue and gas. While always making an effort to provide the very best it has ensured its safe place as a leader among its competitors.The company permanently follows the latest innovations and exploits the technology to its maximum, so that it would achieve the highest quality in all four phases of oil industry: exploration, refining, production and distribution. Besides all that, it is a significant supplier of country’s energy needs while having a great positive impact on national capital.

The business rivalry in this sector has been constantly increasing due to the fact that the world crude production of oil has drastically grown over the past decade. It would’ve been even greater if the cost to enter into this oil cycle wasn’t very high while to stay in is even higher. It could easily be said that the actual quality chooses its competitors.Kernel Oil has proven its purpose many times. Even though it’s already well built and stable it is still improving while working hard every day to justify its name.

One of the main reasons Kernel Oil is a synonym for success is the fact that Mr. Ratanchaitong gives great importance and respect to the employees. Widodo Ratanachaithong is an example of how to build a healthy working atmosphere which will always pay out by giving a whole lot more in return. The ethical practices, strong communication and friendly ambiance among employees he insists on can easily be a cure for many companies that are going through economical and human crises.

Being surrounded by a good rivalry is an excellent motivational injection on a way to a much higher success you’re determined to achieve.


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