Kernel Oil commitment to Service

Customer Service Support at our organization is committed to providing

support in addressing all the needs of our customers.

Mr. Widodo Ratanachaitong, Managing Director, Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, is committed

to lay the foundations of excellent customer service from the beginning.

We do not subcontract any services support, we prefer to

puts you directly in touch with professional people, and

understand the quality of our products and services very well.

In Kernel Oil Pte Ltd, our commitment to you, our customers, are:

• Quick Response – We will listen to you to understand what

You want from our services. We aim to deliver the right

time, high quality services.

• Provide appropriate information – We want to provide the right information

in a way that is understandable. We want to make that clear guidance and

• Professional Approach – Our staff, guided by managing director Mr.

Widodo Ratanachaitong professional at all times and have the skills

Good and training to do their jobs well.

• Have a good attitude – We listen to the ideas to be adapted as

approach to meet customer needs. We assist in

meet regulatory requirements.

• Accuracy – Our work aims to obtain efficient results

desired. In addition, we opted out for ongoing communication

and provide feedback from customers, to help us in

develop suggestions and guiding us. This is a great advantage

in collecting and providing customer needs.

• Integrity – we will always do business with you ethically and

professional. This approach is very important for Kernel Oil Pte Ltd and

beneficial to both customers and employees.


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